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Are ADVANCER® Shelves Safe for Electric Kilns?

Yes! Although some forms of silicon carbide are known to conduct electricity, ADVANCER® is a relatively poor conductor of electricity due to the oxide glass layer present on all ADVANCER shelves. Be sure to select the correct size shelf for your kiln and make sure your kiln is in good repair with no elements hanging out of the grooves where they can sprawl out onto shelves. Finally use common sense and never reach into an energized electric kiln!

Important Information on Firing with ADVANCER® in Resistance Coil Element Kilns.

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Special Considerations for Large Shelves in Electric Kilns

Slow firing programs for bisque and glaze are recommended with larger shelves. For custom programs we do not recommend exceeding 275F per hour up to 1000F. Avoid positioning the shelf directly in line with element channels. Significant thermal gradients across the surface of thin, low mass kiln shelves can result in thermal shock failure due to uneven heating.