Kiln Wash for Advancer® Shelves (5 lb.)


5 lb. Alumina Hydrate based kiln wash for Advancer® Shelves. Mixing, application and storage instructions below.


Specially formulated for Advancer® Kiln Shelves, our Alumina Hydrate based kiln wash is also compatible with all Cordierite, Mullite and conventional Silicon Carbide kiln shelves and kiln furniture.

Mixing & Application:

Slowly add water mixing with a whisk until you achieve a cream or paint like consistency, not thick like a heavy whipping cream or paste. Always wear a dust mask or respirator when handling any dry powdered ceramic material to avoid inhaling dust.

Using a brush apply 1-2 thin layers of kiln wash letting it fully dry between coats. Applying wash when the shelves are warm (120° F or less) will help accelerate the drying process but pre-warming is not required. Due to the ultra-low surface porosity of Advancer® shelves (<1%), the wash will not immediately appear to be dry since moisture cannot soak down into the matrix of the shelf as it does with more porous shelves such as Cordierite or Conventional SiC. For this reason, applying kiln wash to Advancer® shelves does not constitute a moisture hazard. Once fired to cone 6 or above, the surface of an Advancer shelf with our kiln wash will be smooth to the touch with little to no surface dusting.

Re-apply wash as needed; applications generally last for multiple firings depending on your specific glazes, shelf maintenance and firing schedules. Store mixed wash in an air tight container and re-mix before repeated use, adding water as needed to maintain a paint like consistency.

Note: Periodically applying a small amount of kiln wash to the ends of cordierite kiln posts will help prevent them from sticking to an Advancer® shelf.