18″ x 18″ x 3/4″ CRYSTOLON® Conventional Silicon Carbide Kiln Shelf


18 lb. Coarse-grained, oxide-bonded silicon carbide. 2700ºF max.


22 in stock (can be backordered)


CRYSTOLON® Conventional Silicon Carbide Kiln Shelves

The Traditional ‘Work Horse’ Shelves for Potters.

Conventional, ram pressed silicon carbide shelves are used by potters firing to cones 9-12 in natural gas, propane, wood and multi-fuel kilns. Our traditional silicon carbide shelves are oxide bonded and over the last 40 years have proven to be a sound investment providing years of service life in demanding firing applications including gas reduction, wood, soda and salt.

There are no cuts or slits to weaken the strength of these shelves or cause problems in performance, shipping or handling associated with other silicon carbide shelves; problems that ultimately lead to premature shelf failure.

Available in 5/8” and 3/4″ thicknesses in a variety of sizes, and manufactured to rigorous standards for tolerances and material specification, these shelves will outperform any conventional silicon carbide shelves on the market!

CRYSTOLON® shelves are produced in a variety of sizes to meet any stacking requirement you may have. We maintain a large inventory of CRYSTOLON shelves in our warehouse.

If you do not see the size you are looking for please contact us for feasibility and price. We may be able to place a special order or cut existing stock to your specifications.

View CRYSTOLON® RC-4128 Technical Bulletin for complete information.