CRYSTON® TW Kiln Shelves

Save Space and Save Money!

12” X 24” X 5/16” 9 lb. $178
14” X 28” X 5/16” 11 lb. $221

The cost effective alternative to ADVANCER® shelves for a variety of firing applications including Reduction, Soda and Wood firings. CRYSTON® TW is not recommended or suitable for use in electric kilns due to high electrical conductivity rate.

CRYSTON® TW shelves are slip cast nitride bonded SiC made from fine grained mix used to manufacture beams, posts, plates and unique shapes with sections from 6.4 – 10mm. They are part of our exclusive LO-MASS® product line that offers thinner, light and stronger products.

Gas-Fired Kilns: CRYSTON® TW kiln shelves are most widely used in gas fired oxidation and reduction kilns. The use of CRYSTON kiln shelves has been proven to increase productivity and save money in hobby, production studio and industrial applications.

Soda Firing: CRYSTON® TW kiln shelves are a smart choice for soda firing where soda is introduced indirectly (not by direct spraying onto shelves). The extremely low porosity of the shelves allows for soda drips to be easily removed by scraping without the time consuming grinding typically associated with conventional cordierite or silicon carbide shelves.

Wood Firing: CRYSTON® TW kiln shelves have been used successfully in second and third chambers of wood-fired kilns. A combination of CRYSTON kiln shelves and conventional silicon carbide shelves is often a sound kiln furniture system in areas where direct flame impingement and temperature uniformity is a problem.

View CRYSTON® TW Technical Bulletin for complete information.

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