Tips and Important Information

Every GlaseEraser® is wheel tested to ensure optimal performance. It is normal for the surface(s) of GlazeEraser to have variations in color, sparkle and texture. These variables do not affect performance.

The GlazeEraser logo on the disk surface does not indicate the top, bottom or primary grinding surface of the disk. Both sides may be used for grinding.

The optimal grinding rate is achieved by a combination of speed and pressure and depends on the hardness of the glaze or clay body that is being ground.

Avoid excessively high RPM speeds! GlazeEraser may spin off the rubber pad and break or cause injury. Using a splash pan will help prevent the disk from launching off the wheel head if the foot pedal is accidentally depressed to maximum speed.


GlazeEraser is easy and safe to use. Simply place the foam pad on your wheel head, then center the GlazeEraser disk on the pad. The GlazeEraser foam pad can be used with or without bat pins.

GlazeEraser does not require purchase of any auxiliary tooling or equipment.

GlazeEraser will grind green ware, glaze and vitreous ceramic clay bodies. Experimentation and practice will yield the best results.


You control the rate of glaze removal by a combination of speed and cutting pressure. Cutting rate may vary due to differences in glaze hardness and clay body density.

Since GlazeEraser rotates at a relatively slow speed, the usual hazards associated with high speed grinding are minimized. Though not required, the use of dust protection and safety glasses is recommended. Some users may find the normal grinding noise produced by GlazeEraser objectionable; use earplugs if desired.

A small amount of water between the foam pad and GlazeEraser may help increase grip between pad and disk.

GlazeEraser may be used wet or dry depending on user preference. There is minimal dust created in either case.

GlazeEraser may be used directly on your Giffin Grip® with Wide Slider Pads if desired.

We recommend using GlazeEraser with a splash pan to help minimize the possibility of glass slivers becoming airborne in the studio area. If using a splash pan with GlazeEraser, discard all of the contents of the splash pan into the trash as it will contain glass and sharp ceramic fragments.

Clean disk surface periodically when grinding using a plastic bristle brush under running water. This will clear the cutting surfaces of the disk and insure maximum grinding performance. Clean the surface prior to storage.


GlazeEraser is engineered to provide a long service life with minimal care. When not in use, store GlazeEraser in its original packaging for protection. Although GlazeEraser is extremely durable, it will break if dropped on a hard surface or struck with a hard object.