FAQ’s Video – Advancer® Kiln Shelves with Marshall Browne

Some of you may know Marshall. He is the head technical person at Kilnshelf.com and president of Smith-Sharpe Fire Brick Supply… it’s safe to say he’s the “main guy” around here. In this video Marshall covers the advantages and development of Advancer® kiln shelves – and a variety of different applications they can be used for. He also discusses using kiln wash, firing with porcelain, shelf maintenance and why Advancer® kiln shelves cost more than other shelves.

Do porcelain clay bodies stick to ADVANCER® shelves?

Due to the high amount of flux used in porcelain clay bodies (up to 50% typical) to achieve translucency, it is not uncommon for porcelain clay bodies to stick to the ADVANCER surface. The higher the firing temperature is, the greater the opportunity for the flux to interact with the oxide glass layer of the shelf. Pieces with trimmed foot rings supporting larger pieces, like bowls, tend to stick more tenaciously than broad, flat bottomed pieces due to increased pressure on contact area. Some cone 6 porcelains may not have a sticking problem on ADVANCER. Please contact us for more specific information. You may also refer to the article “Why Porcelain May Stick to ADVANCER” on this website for a more technical explanation.