What about using ADVANCER® shelves in a soda kiln?

ADVANCER® is often used in soda kilns. Clean-up of soda drips from the surface of the shelf is a breeze since the low porosity of ADVANCER does not allow the soda glass to get much of a grip on the shelf. Spraying or dumping soda into the kiln firebox and having it naturally disperse throughout the kiln is the preferred method of introducing soda into the kiln. Soda can also be introduced in a dry form when combined with whiting, with good results. We do not recommend spraying liquid soda solutions directly onto ADVANCER® shelves through a port hole, since this practice may lower the temperature enough to the point of soda contact to cause a significant temperature gradient across the shelf leading to cracking, thermal shock and failure.

What about firing damp pots or pots with wet glaze on them?

Generally this will not cause a problem, but we recommend letting green or freshly glazed pots dry completely prior to firing on ADVANCER®.

Will kiln washing ADVANCER® shelves or getting a few drops of water on them cause a problem?

No. It takes prolonged exposure to a continuous moisture source to cause problems. It should also be noted that there is no evidence of atmospheric humidity causing moisture problems with ADVANCER® shelves. They are in use almost everywhere in the world!