Will kiln washing ADVANCER® shelves or getting a few drops of water on them cause a problem?

No. It takes prolonged exposure to a continuous moisture source to cause problems. It should also be noted that there is no evidence of atmospheric humidity causing moisture problems with ADVANCER® shelves. They are in use almost everywhere in the world!

What kiln wash is recommended for ADVANCER® shelves?

Kiln wash for ADVANCER® should be high in alumina. Many commercially available kiln washes are high in silica and are not recommended for ADVANCER due to the tendency of silica to interact with the oxide glass layer of the shelf. In some cases alumina hydrate can be substituted for silica (flint) in an existing wash formula with success. Please contact us for a wash recommendation or with questions regarding your specific wash formula.

Do I need to use kiln wash on my ADVANCER® shelves?

While many individual customers report that they do not need to use a wash coat on their ADVANCER® shelves, we generally recommend using a suitable high alumina wash on ADVANCER® shelves – particularly in studio or classroom settings where multiple users are present.